The school is committed to provide a conducive environment for learning and teaching by;

  1. Promoting the rights and safety of all learners , teachers and parents
  2. Ensuring that learners’ responsibility for their own actions and behavior
  3. Prohibiting all forms of unfair discrimination and intolerance
  4. Eliminating disruptive and offensive conduct.

The Code of Conduct spells out the rules regarding learner behavior at the school and describes the disciplinary system to be implemented by the School concerning transgressions of learner. The Code of Conduct applies to all learners while they are on the School premises or when they are away from the school representing it or attending a school function.

Section 8(4) of the SASA provides that all learners attending a school are bound by the Code of Conduct of that school.  All learner attending the school


Download the full school code of conduct: