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Tane Primary School has always taken pride in achieving and upholding excellent academic standards. Due to the competent leadership of past and present principals, the school endeavors to meet the academic needs of learners in the best possible way while still conforming to national and provincial regulations.
Class sizes remain manageable for educators due to our School Governing Body’s tireless efforts to employ additional teachers, this has enabled educators to be more effective. Our educators are hard at work and on duty as to ensure the school is doing its best to promote a culture of learning and teaching. The educators are qualified and (most of them) highly experienced.




Creative Expression lessons engage students with a vast number of culturally and creatively significant activities.

These include everything from sculpting, acting, dancing and moving, to more traditional art forms like painting, drawing and designing. We give our learners every opportunity and an abundance of art supplies to meet every creative whim.

Fun learning -In our art classes we have created an environment where learners are allowed to become free as possible. This creates the opportunity for the learners to be able to do things to their best of their abilities in the absence of fear.

Learning takes part in many forms, art teachers has taken the initiative to create a fun way of learning. Learners learn how to express themselves artistically drama, sing, drawing etc. We believe we have many talented learners once in a while we allow them show case their talent in front of the entire school.



The curriculum at Tane Primary is based on the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) as designed by the Basic Department of Education. The teachers work hard to develop lessons that are relevant and exciting for our learners. Our highly trained teachers do more than teach – they facilitate learning, mentor, nurture and care for our learners.

Our aim is to build a solid educational foundation for our learners and to ensure we provide good quality education. We have made it our number one priority to make sure that we produce the best learners who are academically inclined. Because we have realised that acquiring good foundation helps the learners when they get to higher grades. The learners get taught from the young age how they should value education and how important it is for them to acquire it. In our classes we made sure that we create a setting all the learners can participate. The school celebrates the achieving students by making merit awarders where the best performers will receive awards.

provided with quality education and they strive to ensure that they will grab the education that is being given to them with both hands and study to became the best students.


Sport and play is an important part of day-to-day life at our school. We offer a vast range of sporting activities.

Our students take part in at least one Summer sport. Each and every day our learners venture out to the fields to excercise. This is a best way to enhance fitness, build muscle and co-ordination and cross the mid-line to assist learning. These activities “wakes up” the brain and aids learning in various subjects such as Literacy or Mathematics. The Sport activities we have at our school are soccer, cricket, netball, volleyball, athletics, morabaraba, diketo and kgati. 

Soccer is one of our main sports where we display the talent which our students have, this sports has become our culture which is supported by the learners, teachers and parents.

At Tane we acknowledge the value having sports activities. We don’t only cater soccer but there are other sports and create sports events to give the students opportunity to participate in any sports activities that they love and enjoy.

Students that participate in many activities of school including sports become more successful as they gain knowledge in how to manage their time including their academics.