2017 Grade R Graduation Ceremony


Grade R learners of Tane primary awaiting for the ceremony to begin

On Friday 27 October 2017 our grade R learners were celebrated for their year progression during the graduations ceremony at Bedrock Valley.

This was a very special day for the learners and their parents, reflecting on the children’s hard work of throughout the year paying off. The learners were about to obtain their first academic certificate. The event was well attended with parents, relatives, the SGB and the school staff all to celebrated with young achievers.

All the learners looked beautiful dressed in their navy blue graduation gowns, holding the yellow stole on their left arm. The school was very honored to host this year’s graduation ceremony as it marks the first highest number of graduates. They have produced 49 graduates with 8 best performing learners and 6 with distinctions.

The event was hosted by the most confident, proud, intelligent grade 5 learners Thapelo and Amogelang. They were the best candidates to host the ceremony as they are of exemplary to the young graduates at such a prestigious age they could run such event in the presents of adults.


During the school’s principal, G Maremo the motivational speech, he encouraged the interaction of parents and the school. Parents and teachers need to work together in order for the to help the learners to improve. And addressed the issue of bullying need to be eliminated.

The programme directior of the ceremony Thapelo and Amogelang grade 5 learners