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Tane Primary School is a public school that is situated in 1482 Section 2 in Suurman, north part of Pretoria, Gauteng, RSA. The school believes in respect, transparency, discipline, trust, fairness, accountability, cooperation, integrity, and love. Tane Primary School has served 60 years of excellence. The school provides classes from grade R to grade 7 and does not only provide opportunities to learners within the community but also around the neighboring communities

Experienced Staff

Our educators are hard at work and on duty as to ensure the school is doing its best to promote a culture of learning and teaching. The educators are qualified and (most of them) highly experienced. Each member of staff plans for his/her own personal growth development, this has enabled educators to be more effective

Quality Education

Tane Primary School has always taken pride in achieving and upholding excellent academic standards. Due to the competent leadership of past and present principals, the school endeavors to meet the academic needs of learners in the best possible way while still conforming to national and provincial regulations.

Conducive Environment

Tane Primary School creates a climate of possibility. Importantly, children look forward to coming here – it’s a place where lifelong friendships are formed, unique value systems encouraged. the learners at the school are encouraged to participate core and extra curricular activities.

Our Classes

To achieve the level of success that our school is so proud of, curiosity is sparked in the class with many hands-on activities and events. Imagination is encouraged and the Arts and Languages are given equal priority with other parts of the curriculum. The ability to create new ideas is vital to every facet of education. Sport is certainly encouraged, from the happy participant enjoying the benefits of playing in teams, to the competitive player at District or Provincial level.

Study Classes

The curriculum at Tane Primary is based on the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) as designed by the Basic Department of Education.

Sport Classes

Sport and play is an important part of day-to-day life at our school. We offer a vast range of sporting activities.

Art Classes

Creative Expression lessons engage students with a vast number of culturally and creatively significant activities.

Words From the Principal

A brief history about the principal and some inspiring words from the principal.


“I became the principal of Tane Primary School in 2008 and the school’s logo had no colours, I then decided to come up with colours that will complement the motor. I decided to use the blue colour which became the colour of our school’s uniform. The logo of the school keeps on motivating the kids to do well as it states that ‘The sky is the limit’. This slogan was created to keep on encouraging students to do well academically and otherwise. I want the kids to know that there is no limit to study. On our logo we use ‘Thuto ke lore’ which means that Education is the pillar of success. The principle that keeps me going is that the future of my family depends on the education of y kids. This is the drive to get optimal involvement and participation of the parents in all the learners’ activities. To see what we have to offer, please make an appointment to speak to the Principal to find out more about this special place of learning and how we can give your child the best start to their educational career.’

– Mr. G. Maremo